Customers within or near the Town of Forestburgh, residing on street listed below, will receive their Smart Meters during the month of February. This notification is part of the outreach and education effort in O&R’s NYSPSC approved customer notification process. O&R’s contractor, Aclara, conducts the Smart Meter installations. Contractors wear badges, bright yellow vests and hardhats that read Aclara. Additionally, contractor vehicles are wrapped in the color orange with O&R’s logo, Aclara’s logo and the slogan “Smart Meters Coming Your Way”.

February 2020 Smart Meter Installs:

Baer Rd., Bear Rd., Black Brook Dr., Black Brook Rd., Bradford Rd., Cold Spring Rd., County Route48, Crane Ridge Rd., Cross St., Dill Rd., Eastbrook Rd., Echo Rd., Foster Rd., Fowlerville Rd., French Clearing Rd., Hemlock Rd., Holland Dr., Inn Rd., Jefferson Rd., Joseph Rd., Keg Rd., King Rd., Lake Joseph Rd., Lakeside Rd., Lakeside St., Laurel Rd., Lena Dr., Lena Rd., Lorraine Rd., McCormick Rd., Merriewold Park, Merriewold Rd., Midwood Rd., Mildred Rd., Mill Rd., Milton Rd., Norris Rd., North Rd., Oakland Valley Rd., Old Foster Rd., Philwold Rd., Plank Rd., Rio Rd., Rod and Gun Club Rd., Rose Valley Rd., Route 48, Route 42, Ruhl Ct., So. Route 42, Sackett Lake Rd., Stag Forest Rd., Stevenson Rd., St Josephs Rd., St Jospehs Hill Rd., Tannery Rd., Valley Rd., Westbrook Rd., Wildwood Way, Wildwood Way Rd.

What You Should Know & Contractor and Vehicle Visual