A Letter from the Town Historian, Sabina Toomey

Some time in 2013 I was appointed by the Forestburgh Town Board to become the Town Historian. I began by looking into the archives to determine just what it contained and decided to start with the Town Library. Please CLICK HERE to view a list of publications available in the Forestburgh Library located in the Town Hall. Next, I ventured into a small metal file cabinet. What I found was a small yellow envelope folded in half containing documents over 150 years old! On a shelf rolled, torn and unprotected were documents regarding WWI. All of these original documents have been placed into acid free holders and have been scanned for examination and saved for other generations to see how Forestburgh played its part at war!

As a member of the Retired Sullivan Volunteer Program, I volunteer at the Sullivan County Museum in Hurleyville. In 2015, I submitted Elsie Winterberger as History Preserver of the year. I felt she was due this title because of her efforts as author of “Forestburgh Lore”, a biweekly column which appeared in the Sullivan County Democrat documenting Forestburgh’s history as only she could, because she lived it! To view the tribute to Elsie Winterberger, click the following link: Tribute to Elsie Winterberger

The next and most difficult task was working on the very detailed Civil War information. I found very interesting documents called the Soldier’s Power of Attorney, notarized doctor’s notes for military discharge or deferment from service. I am so thankful for all the help and support of our Town Government in keeping all of these special documents safe for future enjoyment. I hope you enjoy all of the information and feel proud our little town showed such pride and valor at a time of national turmoil.

-Sabina Toomey, Town Historian

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