As a member of the Retired Sullivan Volunteer Program, I volunteer at the Sullivan County Museum in Hurleyville. In 2015, I submitted Elsie Winterberger as History Preserver of the year. I felt she was due this title because of her efforts as author of “Forestburgh Lore”, a biweekly column which appeared in the Sullivan County Democrat documenting Forestburgh’s history as only she could, because she lived it! To view the tribute to Elsie Winterberger, click the following link: Tribute to Elsie Winterberger

Elsie Winterberger - History Preserver

Stephen Crane

I am very happy for the Sullivan County Historical Society Observer August edition for the following
information about Stephen Crane. Additional thanks go to the MacAdam Brothers, Henry and Gordon.
When you visit our Town Hall you will see a picture of the handsome writer placed on the wall several
years ago by the Historian. If you wish to read more about Stephen Crane or his works, please contact
the Town Historian at 794-2702. All of his short stories relate to events that happened right here in
Forestburgh. Enjoy!

To read the full article honoring Judge Anthony T. Kane as printed in the Sullivan County Historical Society Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner publication click the following link:

Judge Anthony Kane

Women’s History Month tribute:

Women’s History

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