Duties of the Town Clerk

Registrar of Vital Statistics – The Town Clerk (registrar) is responsible for maintaining all birth, death and marriage records. For genealogical purposes death and marriage records are available after fifty years and birth records after 75 years.

Filing Officer/Records Management Officer – The Town Clerk is the custodian for all records of the towns, including local laws, oaths of office, budgets, assessment rolls, FOIL officer. To submit a FOIL request, please fill out the appropriate form and send it to forestburghfoil@gmail.com.

Issuing agent on behalf of state agencies and the Town of Forestburgh – The Town Clerk issues New York State licenses: marriage, dog, conservation (fishing/hunting), handicapped parking permits, and for the town; refuse permits, fireworks permits.

Other services: The Town Clerk sells zoning books, zoning maps, subdivision books, E-Z Pass tags. She is also a marriage officer.

The Town Clerk’s Office is open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or by appointment.

Phone: (845) 794-0611 x21
Fax: (845) 794-0678

Address: 332 King Road
Forestburgh, NY 12777

Teresa Collins, Town Clerk (845) 794-0611 x21