Taxes are collected from January 1st through April 1st every year for town, county, fire districts and Monticello E.B. Crawford Library District. Additional fees begin after January 31. Any taxes being paid after April 1st must be paid directly to the Sullivan County Treasurer.

Taxpayers may pay their taxes either in person, by mail and you may also pay by credit card. If they choose to pay by credit card they will need to contact the Tax Collector at (845)794-0611 Ext. 21 or click the payment link below. Please be advised that there is a 3% surcharge when paying by credit card.

Forms for any possible exemptions or reductions in taxes may be obtained from the Assessor’s Office and Third Party Designee forms are available from the collector. Information regarding hours and days of collection, fees and penalties are mailed with the tax bills the first week of each January.

Contact: Teresa Collins, Town Clerk (845) 794-0611 x21


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Property Tax Forms
Property Taxes and Assessments