July 26, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Forestburgh Town Hall
332 King Road
NY 12777

The Planning Board’s next meeting is Tuesday July 26 at 7pm. A potential project for the Forestburgh Country Club Property on Tannery Road will be informally presented in some detail to the Board, and the public by it’s sponsor Andrew Unterberg.  His project is currently named Tent Days and is a campground of 100 tent sites with amenities for campers  including a camp store, dining facility and wine and beer tent/bar  for campers.  Mr Unterberg has provided the following description of his thoughts and vision for the Tannery Road property.

“Tent Days reimagines the American campground experience for our times by removing barriers that prevent busy people from enjoying the Great Outdoors.   The art of camping – the idea that one can simply go into nature to relax and recharge – is not easily accomplished for the average person.    Tents Days looks to solve this by providing a safe, easy and fully immersive camping experience.  Tent Days provides, on a per-night basis, tent only (no RVs), fully-equipped campsites, creative programming and culinary experiences.  The campground will be enfolded into nature and will have a strong unified aesthetic inspired by the canvas tents of decades past illuminated in campfire and candlelight.   Our goal is to provide an experience where people can disconnect from their fully-wired lives and reconnect with their friends, and family.”

As always, the Planning Board meeting is open to the public, and public comment on agenda items will be heard.  Please come, listen and be heard on the 26th.