Hello Forestburgh Residents,

The Forestburgh Fire District has been providing Fire & First Response Protection since 1963.

The Board of Fire Commissioners is tasked with providing our Volunteer Firefighters with the equipment, facilities and financial support to meet the needs and protections to keep our community safe. We accomplish this task by adopting a budget and setting the tax rate for property taxes within the Fire Protection District.

In today’s world of regulations and sometimes over regulation, we must ensure that our Volunteer Firefighters have the tools, equipment and training to do their jobs and when done, go home to their families.

To this end the Board of Fire Commissioners has seen the need to replace a piece of fire apparatus that has aged and is no longer meeting the needs of the community. This vehicle is a 1996 vintage Pumper that is showing signs of rust and degradation, and in our opinion should not consume any more taxpayer dollars. A project to refurbish this Pumper would be in excess of $250,000 and would still leave us with a 1996 piece of equipment.

We have studied the needs of the community and decided to replace this piece of equipment with a new Rescue-Pumper. This will be a custom design apparatus specifically built for the needs of the Forestburgh Fire District. This project has been in the works for over a year! Specifications were sent out and after appropriate notifications the Board of Fire Commissioners accepted a bid of $645,000.

For several years the Board of Fire Commissioners have known this day would come and we have set aside and budgeted money to meet this need. In addition the monies which come to the Fire District for the lease of our cell tower will be used to offset this expense.

Ultimately the Fire District will need to Bond the amount of $345,000 to make this purchase. According to law, we have scheduled a permissive referendum vote for the 26th of February from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Forestburgh Fire House, 2539 State Route 42, Forestburgh, N.Y. 12777.

A copy of the referendum may be seen as posted at the Fire House and Town Hall. Any questions regarding the apparatus or the department in general may be directed to any Commissioner or Officer or the department.

Thank You,

Forestburgh Fire District

James E. Steinberg, Sr Chairman

Alan S. Kesten, Vice Chairman

Ed Pajak

Arthur Petrowsky

Joseph Gottlieb